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Stationary Awnings are what you typically see over decks, patios, roofless porches, entrance ways, boat slips, and store fronts. Most often a galvanized-steel frame is welded, but can also be constructed using slip fittings or threaded pipe. The operative word here is stationary...it stays up year round. Aluminum is often used instead of galvanized-steel for framing when the awning's projection allows for it. Aluminum has the advantage of being rust proof and is easily formed into different shapes. It is also lighter than steel and therefore not as strong. More aluminum is needed in a structure to span a given distance than for a steel frame. Aluminum framing allows for the stapling of fabric to a frame where steel does not. This means that a tighter, more wrinkle free cover is possible with aluminum than with a laced cover over a steel frame.

Stationary - Patio Awning