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Our Services


  • City Awning provides complete installation services for all types of aluminum, fiberglass and fabric covered structures regardless of size or complexity. From design...to fabrication...to installation, City Awning does it all. We have in-house capabilities to meet all of your needs:
    • Frames - Complete fabrication and construction in Aluminum, Galvanized and Stainless Steel. Welding is performed using TIG and/or MIG welding methods depending on the type of frame being fabricated. All welds are ground for proper fabric fit and painted, in the case of steel, with galvanizing paint before covering. There are no tack welds on our frames, all joints are completely welded.
    • Fabric coverings - Heavy duty industrial sewn and/or heat-sealed processes are utilized by City Awning's employees in the cover making stage of fabrication. We use only the best materials for our awning covers like Sunbrella, Gulf Stream and Patio to name a few.
    • Professional Graphics - Eradicated, Painted, Vinyl Press On, Heat Transfer and Silk Screening are all part of our inventory. Making use of modern computer technology, what was once an expensive out-source, we now do in-house saving time and money for our customers.


  • If your existing awning or canopy is in need of a new cover but the frame is still good...City Awning can make that old and worn out structure look like new again. A lot of improvement has been made over the years in fabric materials. The new Acrylics and Polyesters are a vast improvement over the old Canvas (cotton) coverings. Even the new Canvas, which is now a poly/cotton blend is greatly improved. Newer fabrics are mildew and dry-rot resistant with less chance of stretching and/or shrinkage. See our "Fabrics" page for more information.


  • If it's repairable...City Awning can do it. Cover need a patch? Frame need repairing? Stitching coming undone? Maybe the mounting brackets have come loose? Since we do all of our own fabrication, we can also handle just about any type of repair that an awning or canopy might need. So before you assume you need a new awning, why not let us take a look at it to see if can be repaired. We could save you money.

Take Downs

  • Servicing what we build has always been a hallmark of City Awning. Many awning companies would just as soon not provide this service because it's not as profitable as new construction. But at City Awning we realize that building you an awning is just the beginning our relationship with you. Many of our customers retain our services year after year to put up and take down their awnings for the change in seasons. They like the idea of having fully insured, trained professionals maintain their awning in order to assure its longevity. Having an awning professional perform this service provides a couple of benefits:
    • You know the cover is properly attached/removed.
    • We can spot potential problems before they become major ones, and recommend corrective action.
    • You don't risk personal your safety up on a ladder and save time to do other things.