Acrylic Fabrics

A popular fabric choice today is acrylic and acrylic coated polyester . They have a great deal of the texture and charm of traditional canvas(cotton) without the traditional drawbacks such as shrinkage, mildew or dry-rot.

Sunbrella Sunbrella is solution dyed to “lock in” the color as the fabric is made. This means the color becomes an integral part of the fiber and the color intensity won't be diminished by sun, wind or rain.  All Sunbrella fabrics are guaranteed for five years.
Sunbrella Firesist is inherently flame retardant. Woven from 100% modacrylic fiber, the fire retardency cannot be washed out. Meets most fire codes for exterior and interior fabric use and will not drip or melt. Is color fast to sunlight and strong chemicals and will not crack or peel.
Main Street Acrylic coated, 100% polyester. Stays taut and neat while enhancing virtually any setting with a multitude of patterns in bright, vivid colors. Will not leak or stretch — dimensionally stable. Resistance characteristics ensure long-lasting good looks. Flame retardant.


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